About PLS

PLS was founded in 1989 in Whitewater, WI for the purpose of improving the quality of life for adults with psychiatric, developmental and behavioral disorders. From it’s humble beginnings as one group home with the founders and their two young children living in the basement, PLS has grown to 26 sites with over 280 staff.

PLS now offers a broad menu of community support services that allow people with various levels of psychiatric, developmental and behavioral disorders to live as independently as they are capable of.

Our mission is to empower people to live at their maximum level of freedom, personal responsibility and contribution. We empower and advocate in an environment of love and respect.

We believe people with disabilities are capable of far more than they or the world ever dreamed possible. Our expertise is the knowledge and skill developed over 30 years of perfecting our art.

Our passion is to touch the hearts and minds of our clients in such a way that their full potential is both seen and released.

A Helping Hand