Our Leadership Team

Becca Rouse
Becca Rouse, NHA, MBA

Employee Owner since 2017
“I love that PLS is truly a mission based organization! This creates an atmosphere of compassionate people that are working together as a team to help more individuals!”

Natalie Mosey
Natalie McMurry, MBA, NHA, RYT

Vice President
Employee Owner since 2017
“I love PLS because it is a safe, inclusive space where the opportunities are endless! Whether it is a client or staff person, PLS is constantly innovating and creating opportunities to meet people where they are and to aide them in their personal growth to recognize and unleash their unlimited potential!”

Jenny Mayville
Jenny Mayville

Director of Operations
Employee Owner since 2000
“I love PLS because there is no other place like it. This is a place where the word “CAN’T” doesn’t exist. We believe in people’s dreams and goals, no matter how big or small. We will always advocate for our clients’ freedoms and independence, even when it’s not easy. Being able to be a part of that, and watch people grow is what makes PLS special to me.”

Meghan Kronforst
Meghan Kronforst, LCSW

Director of Clinical Services & Admissions
Employee Owner since 2006
“PLS is special to me because we treat our clients as individuals with unlimited potential rather than just seeing their disability. We empower them to believe that no dream or goal is unattainable and that we as a company will advocate for them always.”

Tom Hastreiter
Tom Hastreiter

Southern Lakes Regional Director
Employee Owner since 2009
“I love PLS because it truly pushes you as an individual to help others strive for more independence and reach goals that no one thought was possible for them. Seeing clients progress toward the goals in their life is the most rewarding experience I have ever been part of. “

Wendy Johnson
Amy Piepiorka

Northeast Regional Director
Employee Owner since 2009
“PLS has a beautiful mission, that I whole heartedly believe in and work towards every day. PLS has given me many opportunities for growth and has helped me grow not only professionally, but personally. We are not only a team but a family of individuals working toward one common goal.”

Sara Shaffer
Sara Shaffer

Director of Supported Apartment Programs (SAP)
Employee Owner since 2009
“I love PLS because I get to watch people grow and break out of the limitations placed on them by everyone else. Every day is a new challenge to create new solutions.”

John Erck
John Erck

Pnuma Regional Director
Employee Owner since 1993
“Pnuma is special because we strive to avoid the institutions of thought and approach that are typically associated with a diagnosis and labels. We truly see our tenants and staff as the individuals they are.”

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