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Our continued growth and success means we have immediate openings for both entry level and management level positions. We are ready to hire people of solid character who are dedicated and eager to learn.

We provide paid training with plenty of opportunities for advancement, including into management. Previous experience is not required but if you have it all the better.

All we require to start is a high school or GED diploma, dependable work ethic and a willingness to learn and practice the PLS method. No advanced degrees or previous human service experience is required.

Your success and advancement are determined by your on the job performance, not your credentials.

Whether you’re just interested in a job or are looking for a rewarding long term career we can get you started right away.

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Management level employement

Entry Level & Management Level Positions Available

We have different career options available to suit each applicants experience level and ambition. Which one suits you best? If you are not sure you can find out more during your interview.

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